2 BASICS “saves” chat about experiences at Hampshire fairs!

Chris West and Kim Price had a lot to discuss when they met up at Damerham Fair at the end of July.

Kim was running a fundraising stand for BASICS Hampshire – the second in eight days.

“For me it’s payback time, ” says the Ellingham-based businesswoman and mother of two daughters, Amelia and Sophie.

“I wouldn’t have survived or recovered as well as I have if a BASICS Hampshire doctor hadn’t got to me when I fell off a ladder onto a concrete floor.   With his expert skills he was able to bring the hospital to me in my own home.

“So I’m now fundraising in my spare time for BASICS! – pretty hectic in the Hampshire fair season!”

Chris was another BH save – and came along to support Kim at Damerham.

“It was so good to meet him,” says Kim.  “We talked about BASICS Hampshire, of course – but also the fact that recovery takes a long time once you’ve gone through massive trauma.”

“The West Hampshire fundraising team managed over £600 – and I hope Chris’s mother likes the pegbag he bought!