Prehospital Care in Hampshire – National Reports

Prehospital Care in Hampshire

– National Reports

Concerns regarding the standards of care for seriously injured people in the UK prompted the recent National Confidential Enquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD) review of trauma care, the report showed that current provision of pre-hospital trauma care is failing patients with major trauma.

They concluded, “The current structure of pre-hospital management is insufficient to meet the needs of the severely injured patient.”

We draw your attention to their principal recommendations which include the requirement to manage patients’ airways in the prehospital environment. This is highly skilled work which doctors are able to carry out. Central organizations are therefore recognizing that trauma services in the UK need to be improved and that this improvement can be procured by having regional trauma systems with involvement of doctors and paramedics in teams. This is the aim of Hampshire BASICS, to move away from a charity based service towards a state funded fully integrated prehospital system.

PDF: Executive summary of the NCEPOD report