BASICS doctor unfortunately gets taste of own medicine

Dr David Sutton

Responding to an emergency call in HIOWAA, Dr David Sutton had the bad luck to be run over – as he was starting to treat patients – by a nearby driver.  As he himself says, “all of a sudden I was the most badly injured patient on scene.”   He was treated by fellow medics and flown in the helicopter to his own workplace – University Hospital Southampton (UHS).

Read Dr Sutton’s own account –  despite the pain, he evidently saw the funny-ironic side of it.  He feels his experience as a patient will add to his ability to deal with people on scene – but it seems to the editor of these posts rather a drastic way of acquiring  yet more empathy and not a road any medic should aspire to!

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On the left, Dr Sutton upright and unharmed.  Everyone who works for BASICS Hampshire is co