BASICS H helps young biker survive smash

Bruce Armstrong with Jordon and parents Sue and Richard

19 year old Jordon Griffin was knocked off his motorbike in Kings Worthy near Winchester on May 10th.  Unfortunately the accident severed two veins in his throat and he was in danger of bleeding out despite the best efforts of the ambulance service who were on scene quickly.   Just a few minutes away when the bleep went off for BASICS, was Bruce Armstrong – travelling back from Southampton to Basingstoke.  He responded immediately and was able  to use a high-tech wound dressing to stem the bleeding.  He was also able to intubate Jordon and put him on a breathing machine while also introducing fluids to compensate for loss of blood –  before travelling with Jordon and the paramedic team back to Southampton.

On the way, Bruce and the paramedics were able to let University Hospital Southampton know the extent of Jordon’s injuries so the operating team were able to move in and treat Jordon immediately.

Several successful operations and weeks later, Jordon was well enough to return home.  The wound dressing Bruce used was developed by medics in Afghanistan and brought back for its first application in a civilian environment by a BASICS Hampshire members after tours there.

As you can see from the picture Bruce has been to see Jordon and his family.  “It was a really good example of the trauma network working really well,” Bruce told them – ironically he’s the Lead for Major Trauma Education at UHS, “But the best thing is seeing Jordon alive, well and getting on with his life.”

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