Hurrah for major move by Air Ambulance charities

Basics Hampshire gave a huge hurrah to the move by the air ambulances serving the South Central region – who recently announced their plans  to put doctors on a 7 day daily shift on one of their aircraft.

helecoptera“I’ve been flying as a volunteer on the air ambulance for several years now,” says Dr Lou Chan, “like many of my colleagues from BASICS Hampshire.
“We’ve done it alongside our voluntary work in specially-equipped cars.  If this means there’s a regular specialist led service, it can only mean more lives saved.”
Speaking to BBC  TV South, former BASICS Hampshire chairman Charles Deakin said he hoped the air ambulance would eventually move to night time service as well.

The  new chairman of BASICS Hampshire  (pictured right in yellow hiviz !) agrees.
“Everyone in the region is working out the best ways to manage trauma care ,” says Dr Howard Simpson. “The air ambulance initiative could mean doctors are regularly available.
“Blue-light cars are what we’ve used in the past  and they’ve served patients in Hampshire extremely well.  Helicopters have the advantage of covering greater distances quickly, not just to take the patient to hospital but to get the team to where it’s needed.
“But our cars are still vital and we think it’s important to keep options available for multiple incidents, and difficult flying or landing conditions – including, currently, night-flying .
“Having enough doctors trained and available is the next big step and BASICS Hampshire looks forward to providing training and development of dedicated and highly expert clinicians – for the sake of all the patients that need prehospital care.”