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Going full HOG in Weymouth

Over 280 Harley Davidsons from all over the country rode down the esplanade in Weymouth at the end of September – a ride organised and led by the New Forest HOG chapter.  Besides a great weekend – and joined by Morgan drivers with their splendid cars – it was part […]

Leaping out of the sky for BASICS Hampshire

Jim Dale chose to go 500 feet higher than average for a huge jump for BASICS Hampshire. What a man. Hats off to him and his family who supported his major undertaking. Jim skydived for us after hearing of Chris West’s “save” by charity doctor Sarah Assheton – who helped […]

Chris stars on BBC South Today

BBC South presenter Sally Taylor told Chris’s story – from car crash to fund-raising hero – on BBC South on Wednesday 3rd June. It was a mutual admiration society.  Sally Taylor made Chris and his mother feel completely at home – and clearly liked them both.  “She’s brilliant,” says Chris […]

Key skills for bikers ….. thanks Bruce

BASICS responder Bruce Armstrong (seen left) has given two major talks to bikers about what to do when you’re first on scene at a road accident. His first talk in the summer was to the New Forest HOGS (Harley Davidson riders to most of us non-bikers) – who are supporting […]

Cyclist Chris West preparing for his cycle From Wiltshire to France

He’s a legend! Chris West cycles every inch to Paris!

Chris West is  22 and still recovering from crash that nearly claimed his life when he was a passenger in a car that went off road in Dorset 6 years ago.  Dr Sarah Assheton from BASICS Hampshire responded – and operated on scene so he was alive when he reached […]

Dorset experienced drivers learn about BASICS Hampshire

RoADAR is a team of people dedicated to improving driving skills for car drivers and bikers. “We’re all in the same business” said BASICS Hampshire spokesman Jay Andrews. “You do the preventative end, thank God.  It’s clear people like you and BikeSafe are helping reduce the figures of road traffic accidents. […]

Chris West, 22, is setting off from the Bull Hotel in Downton, Wiltshire, on May 27th – to cycle hundreds of miles to Paris.

Chris West at launch site

Chris West at launch siteParis, raising funds for BASICS Hampshire.  He’ll return to a gala reception at the hotel late afternoon on Sunday 31st – followed by a fundraising supper and live band.

“This is a big, personal thank you to BASICS Hampshire – one of their doctors helped save my life six years ago,” says Chris.  “I was a passenger in a horrendous car crash, with head and internal injuries.”

“Because of their severity, air ambulance paramedics put out a call for a BASICS doctor – who was able to intubate and anaesthetise me on scene and put in chest drains.   It meant I survived long enough to reach intensive care.”

“I rode a similar trip last year, but often had to get into the support vehicle.”

“But I’ve been practising hard, and this time I mean to cycle every inch of the way.”

The trip won’t only benefit the charity.   Chris has found that regular cycling has improved his health, stamina and spirits.  “And I’ve met so many people through road-biking.   It’s given me confidence and a new social life.”

Support Chris at JustGiving – search for Chris West and he’s the one doing the bike ride!  He’s also on – the website for road cyclists – and will be vlogging there as he does the miles and eats the food!