Luke at 9am near Cowes

When most of us were chilling out on an August Bank Holiday, 29 year old Luke Morrison was out at 4am checking his 14 foot Laser dinghy .. and setting off in the early dawn for a massive 11 and a half-hour sail round the Isle of Wight.

He sailed from Hill Head Sailing Club to raise  funds for BASICS Hampshire – and he’s done massively well fundraising so far.  Support him if you can on his JustGiving page and see his films on YouTube.

Meanwhile the sort of patient he was helping raise funds for – Jordon Griffin – was with his family raising funds at The Fareham pub in a mega hree day event.

19 year old Jordon’s throat was torn open during a motorcycle accident this year and it was an intervention of a BASICS medic  – Bruce Armstrong, seen here with him – that kept him alive long enough for him to get to hospital.

“We were pretty busy all weekend at the Fareham raising funds for the charity,” says Jordon, “but good on Luke – at least we were warm, much drier, and able to eat!”

Jordon Griffin and Bruce

“It’s people like Jordon I’m thinking of,” said an exhausted Luke Morrison after his marathon sail.  “Raising funds for BASICS Hampshire mean more people like him might get saved.

“It’s amazing that the NHS only provides Londoners with the sort of prehospital critical care that saved Jordon .  The rest of us rely on charities – and volunteers.”

Around the back of the Island Luke faced 20 knot winds and waves up to 10 feet.  “The height of the waves and the transition from beam reach to full throttle reach in a Laser was one of the best moments so far … falling down a wave on a reach at 18 knots at one point (averaging 10 knots downwind overall) was fantastic.”

An exhausted Luke Morrison greeted by Dr Phil Hyde

Luke arrived back at 5.15 from his round the island marathon – to a massive cheer from his club,   And from BASICS H doctor and fellow sailor Phil Hyde.

“I cheered him out at dawn and cheered him in over eleven hours later.  It was a stupendous effort on Luke’s part – sailing a Laser round some treacherous waters – and it’s a tippy dinghy – requires huge energy, concentration and real skill.”


Luke plans to keep his JustGiving account for BASICS Hampshire open for a while – “People have been great – I’ve had a contributions coming in as soon as people knew I’d really done it!”.  Click here to donate

Read BBC South’s Online account here and Portsmouth News here.