New BASICS Hampshire chairman

Howard Simpson steps forward to take up the role from Dr Deirdre Dunbar who has helped BASICS Hampshire survive and thrive during a number of turbulent years.  He’ll be making sure the charity follows its mission to ensure and further the best possible care for the critically ill and injured.

“It’s an exciting time in the development of trauma care – and we’ll continue to play a leading role in the NHS and as a charity.”

Howard has been a consultant emergency physician in Basingstoke for the last 12 years and is now working at Winchester as well as part of the integration of the Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust.  He’s been a member of BASICS Hampshire since 2003.

Because Howard has been involved at national and regional level with the development of emergency care and major incident training, he is very well positioned to put  BASICS Hampshire – with its highly developed skills, experience and training – into the growing mix of trauma provision.

In plain speak:  good news for the critically ill and injured – and a reduction in the unnecessary deaths every day in the region for the want of a properly planned service.