New orange suits for doctors from Rotarians

“Brilliant” according to BASICS Hampshire chairman Dr Deirdre Dunbar.   Gosport Rotarians this week made a very generous donation towards two Germa orange suits to the charity which doctors wear when responding to calls.

Brilliant is actually what the suits  are – a luminous orange which wouldn’t be anyone’s choice on the catwalk but does mean the doctors stand out when in dangerous situations. They also protect from wind, rain and to a certain extent from invasive injury – the sort you get from kneeling on the side of a motorway with bits of cars around while dealing with a critical patient.  On top of which they have pockets every which way round which means key bits of kit are immediately to hand – vital when there are just minutes to improve the chance of life.

Thanks to the gallant Rotarians of Gosport for their continued support.    And to Dr Paul Rees for modelling the suit so brilliantly at Southsea.