New Zealand welcomes UKISAR and BASICS H doctor

Dr Deirdre Dunbar arrived with the UK International Search and Rescue service on Friday.  She was part of the back-up medical service for the search and rescue firefighters. 

“We’ve been camping with the rest of the rescue teams in the middle of the green zone.  We’re on twelve hour shifts.

“The UK team have been tasked with one of the major sites – the collapsed PGC office building.  On arrival, there was still the chance of life – but we took over from a NZ team who’d been working on a trapped survivor who died.  We were asked by the family to get his body out.

“We have been mostly finding the dead and retrieving them, and we keep hoping for survivors as all the famlies do – but hope has been fading. 

“Meanwhile the search and rescue teams keep doing their 12-hours on, 12 hours off shifts, supported by the local people who keep us fed and watered night and day.  Their support – when they’ve been going through so much more themselves – has been tremendous.”   Read more.