Case Histories 3

Jamie Hole was an 18-year-old champion surfer and gymnast when his car was in a collision with a tree in the New Forest in January 2008.  He had severe head injuries.  A BASICS Hampshire doctor was able to get there at the same time as the ambulance – which was doubly lucky, since the route back to Southampton General was blocked by another accident.   The BH doctor was able to anaesthetise and intubate Jamie.   Without this treatment, he would have died before he reached hospital because of the delay on the roads.  Even if they hadn’t been blocked, without the anaesthesia his brain would have continued to swell and caused further damage, which could have left him incapacitated.  But the swiftness of Jamie’s recovery after treatment in hospital was down to his extreme fitness: he went on to compete as a gymnast at national level and is still competing successfully.  He’s now heading out to work as a ski instructor.

In his early thirties, Pete Sneddon was a passionate cyclist.  One evening he was cycling across the Itchen Bridge in Southampton with his mentor, Derek Witt.  A car drove into them and Derek was killed instantly.Pete says “I was an awful mess.  Two BASICS doctors got to the scene and treated me before I got to hospital.  Several years on, I’m still battling with injuries and operations, but I’d  be in a worse place without their intervention – if I was here at all.”

It’s been a long battle for Pete.