Case Histories 4

Ricky Fernandez was only 29 when he came off his high performance Suzuki bike and travelled a hundred yards along the road.  “I was dying despite the efforts of passers-by and paramedics because my windpipe was blocked and my brain was expanding too much in its efforts to cope with the damage.  The BASICS doctors who arrived cleared my airway, put me on a breathing machine, anaesthetized me to calm my brain down and took me straight to the best possible hospital – Southampton – to deal with my multiple injuries.  I owe so much to the truly incredible hospital team who put me back together but I wouldn’t have got to them without BASICS.”  Ricky and Michelle now have a daughter, Florence, and he’s retaking the UEFA B Licence which will allow him to coach at senior levels.

It was Christmas Day 2009 when 26-year-old Lara Badger suffered multiple cardiac arrests.  Her father started CPR and the paramedics arrived.  “They were brilliant,” says Lara, “but I kept on dying on them.  I was lucky a BASICS doctor left his family Christmas lunch to come to my rescue.  He stabilised my heart, got me going, and alerted Southampton hospital about my condition as we travelled there in the ambulance.  I felt very humble when I found out he was a volunteer who had basically given up his Christmas Day  to help.  If he hadn’t, I would have died.”  Lara has made a complete recovery, has travelled abroad and is now working at the House of Lords.