Case histories 2

Jordon Griffin was knocked off his much-prized motorbike just months ago in 2012..  A fragment of the van he then crashed in to cut the major arteries in his throat.  Onlookers tried to help – paramedics tried to help: Jordon was bleeding out.  Luckily for Jordon, BASICS Hampshire volunteer  Bruce Armstrong was just minutes away when he was bleeped – and was able to treat Jordon aggressively with specialist wound packing and intubation and continued treating him through to UHS – briefing the hospital on the way.  Jordon is still recovering, but this is him gingerly meeting Bruce after the accident.

Mother Sue Griffin is a powerhouse fundraising for us and spreading the word.  Check her out on the Friends of BASICS Hampshire on Facebook and her fundraising site on JustGiving.

In this photo in 2012 Kim Price looks a picture of health.  A very different picture from March 19, 2011, when she fell off a ladder while helping her husband with some DIY at home in the New Forest.  She went head first onto a concrete floor.  All she knows after the ladder collapsed are the consequences.  “I had a severe open head wound, but more seriously – and unbeknown to my family – my brain was haemorrhaging: it was a traumatic brain injury.”    As Kim became confused, her husband called 999. “Thank goodness for me”, says Kim, “a BASICS doctor was actually first on scene.  He anaesthetized me and put me on a breathing machine which reduced the long-term damage to my brain. He’d also sedated me – in my state I doubt anyone would have got me into the ambulance!   And he travelled with me to Southampton General, where I remained in intensive care until the pressure and bleeding subsided.  Fortunately for me, I made a brilliant recovery. The outcome could have been so terribly different without BASICS help.  My family and I remain eternally grateful.”  You can see her treatment on YouTube.

Big tree, big car  and nasty combination.-  16 year old Chris West was trapped and criticallly injured – and firemen from Hampshire and Dorset had to spend hours cutting him out.   Meanwhile he was dying.  Since the accident  was on the borders of the Dorset amd Hampshire,  BASICS Hampshire weren’t automatically bleeped – but a savvy paramedic contacted a local BASICS Hampshire doctor.  She was able to treat Chris in the car and outside it and keep him going despite his desperate injuries and keep him alive until he got to Southampton General.  Chris is still recovering from his massive injuries two years on – but he is working and doing brilliantly.