Case Histories 1

Natalie  was working as top girl at Mick Channon’s stables in Berkshire –  but was riding a motorbike, not a horse, when she crashed off the road into a hedge, sustaining multiple injuries.   “I had a punctured lung, massive head injuries with internal bleeding,  and a pelvic fracture.

“Everyone was there pretty quickly, including the bikers I was riding with and miraculously an off-duty military paramedic.  The key person was Paul Rees – a BASICS  Hampshire doctor – who was able to do some pretty major things which most medics can’t.

“He anaesthetized me so my brain didn’t swell any more and cause more damage and put me on a breathing machine.

“And he performed surgery on my chest to help my collapsed lung.   I’m not sure what else was done – I’m not a medic – and I had terrific help at hospital which I was flown to by air ambulance  but I’m back at work thanks to Paul and everyone and  doing pretty well every thing I did before .”

Natalie has now moved stables  – see her above on Cupcake – the only thing (and horsey people will understand) she finds limiting is lungeing – going round in a circle controlling and training a horse is something she finds difficult but is working on.