Our alumni


Cliff is currently the Director of Training for the Greater Sydney Area Helicopter Emergency Medical Service and Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine with University of Sydney.

Seen here on the left on active duty.

He chaired BASICS Hampshire in the early 21st Century and pushed forward the level of members and their training – and successfully engaged the media in covering what he and others saw as a huge deficit in the lack of proper trauma care. Still engaged in universal training and encouraging pre-hospital care.  An active car responder with BASICS Hampshire, an internationally-covered save Cliff was key to was the case of a child competitor in car racing who effectively severed his neck.  That child recovered completely after care on scene and the expertise of UHS.


Brando is currently pursuing a future in medical management and healthcare administration – with  a major academic interest in modelling of complex decision-making processes. Yes, we all know what that is – and Brando will tell us.

That’s just after a major twenty-year career with the RN which included stints in forward medical teams in Afghanistan.

Brando was a great BASICS Hampshire responder whether on bike or in car and a great teacher for BASICS Hampshire high-intervention training.

Among his many domestic  saves was Kevin Coolbeare – who collapsed with idiopathic heart failure at home – Brando’s expertise kept Kevin going until he reached the expert care at hospital.    Just one of several – to say nothing of his saves in AfPak.


Phil works at UHS as a paedriatic intensivist.   His contributions to BASICS Hampshire are untold – including organising and running imaginative and demanding training courses that pulled in medics from far and wide – as well as Hampshire doctors and paramedics.  He had  massive dedication to  pre-hospital emergency care  –  arguing the case locally, regionally and nationally – even finalising data to make the PHEM case  as his lovely wife Han was in labour with their first child.  He was a great responder – and his saves were legion which you can catch up on our patients page – including Lara Badger on Christmas Day – Pete Sneddon – Jamie Hole and Ricky Fernandez.  His commitment to pre-hospital care and training continue.


John worked in ED in Hampshire and continued doing prehospital work with the air ambulances in London, and with Kent, Surrey and Sussex.
A keen responder for BASICS Hampshire,  one of his major achievements was rushing from one drowning child to another – and saving them both.

Lost like so many to Australia emergency services – apparently heading to the Gold Coast with his family where he’ll be a huge contributor and our loss.

Dr Smallwood
Hampshire GP who was a founder member of BASICS Hampshire and an active responder.  He was a critical influence on pre hospital critical care in Hampshire from the start and is still a mover and shaker with the new movement within prehospital care.