Our Vehicles

Our Vehicles

We currently have three cars and a bike and of course have doctors on the Hampshire and Isle of Wight air ambulance.

The BASICS cars are  left with any of the doctors who might be able to respond: there’s one in the north of the patch, one in the south-east and one that’s effectively key to the M27 and A34.

Some of the BASICS H docs also have their own cars kitted out so they can respond from wherever they are.

The ideal vehicle for attending incidents is a properly marked and blue lit emergency vehicle. It costs about £15,000 to kit out a vehicle for use by a doctor and of course we have to obtain the vehicle to start with.

The cars have to be robust, speedy and roomy enough to take kit.  The doctors all have to train to drive under blues and twos and maintain that training.   CURRENT VEHICLES to follow.