Reluctant Emergency Services Hero of the Year

Dr Rob Dawes, who works at QA Portsmouth and is one of BASIC Hampshire’s most active members, was recognized this week as Hampshire’s Emergency Services Hero of the Year.

Dr Rob Dawes

When first emailed about his nomination he ignored it – thinking someone was pulling his leg.

It’s the second award he’s picked up in a number of weeks: earlier  he accepted a commendation from the Chief Constable of Hampshire for his services to the critically injured in the country.

He was nominated as an emergency services hero by Roads Policing Officer Jon Lansley.  Jon said he had, in the course of his own job, attended dozens of road accidents.

“When you first get to a serious injury collision and see the severity of some of them, your heart misses a beat.  It’s reassuring when any of the BASICS Hampshire volunteer doctors arrive on scene: you know it means the critically injured are being given a better chance of survival.

“I’ve seen them using anaesthesia, advanced pain relief and even surgical intervention.  I admire them all, but the one I’d single out is Dr Dawes.

“He not only does his full-time hospital work, and has served his country as part of the specialist Medical Emergency Response Team with the Forces.

“He is certainly the emergency doctor I see most of – in just one week recently he responded in his spare time to six major incidents.  They included a van driver who would have died on the Alresford Road without his expert care, and a cyclist who was critically injured after crashing off his bike near Portsmouth.”

Dr Dawes said he was enormously pleased with his award and that it reflected the strength of BASICS Hampshire.  He paid tribute to the other nominees from Search and Rescue, both canine and human – most of whom were colleagues.

PC Jon Lansley said the award was a great result.  “As I said in my nomination, Rob works in the worst of weather doing the most intricate procedures smoothly and surely.  And like a proper hero, he doesn’t do it for fame or fortune – he does it because it saves lives.”