Two years on, brilliant head stable girl speaks about recovery – listen next week

This is Natalie two years on favourite horse Cupcake after the motorbike crash that nearly cost her life.    Despite being a careful biker, she hit a pothole and careened into a hedge – suffering critical damage all round.

Then there’s what BASICS Hampshire calls the chain of luck –  she had savvy fellow riders, a passing and very experienced army medic and then the necessary intervention from Dr Paul Rees, BASICS Hampshire doctor – who was able to intubate her, deal with her huge injuries on the roadside – and prepare her for the flight to intensive care in Oxford.

Her own fitness played a part – she’s spoken to Newbury Weekly News about it – and on Tuesday April 9th will be talking with Anne Diamond on BBC Berkshire at 10am  about the impact on her family, her recovery – and her thoughts.