White Horse rides home from Paris on Sunday.

The team gathers for the ride! This is the team setting off : Lily Howell, 16, William Buglass, 17, Giles Bennett, 34, and pub owner Neil Denton, 62.  And Paul Crook who drove the safety vehicle.  Sending them on their way BASICS doctors Louisa Chan and Howard Simpson Рand anxious parent Mr Howell of Hendy Ford at Winchester! Raising funds for kit for BASICS Hampshire Рthe chap in the yellow standing on left is Chris West from Downton, Wilts, who survived a major car crash with the help of BASICS Hampshire. The team are also raising funds for the local air ambulances and the British Institute for Brain Injured Children. Hoping to have more photos tomorrow as they triumphantly come in Рwith Chris West riding with them for the last few miles.