Winchester mother fundraises in thanks for son

BASICS H medic Bruce Armstrong and Jordon Griffin

Sue Griffin, who lives in Kings Worthy, has been fundraising with the help of colleagues and friends – to help keep the volunteer medics who helped save her son’s life on the road.

Earlier this year Jordon Griffin (see previous posts) was riding his motorbike when a driver crossed his path.  His subsequent injuries included a deep neck wound which effectively cut his throat.  He only got to hospital alive because of the combined efforts of passers-by, paramedics and BASICS Hampshire medic Bruce Armstrong.  The latter was able to use a specialised dressing to stem the bleeding, intubate and anaethetise Jordon and start administering fluids to replace blood loss.

Sue and her family have already held a fundraising weekend at The Fareham where she works – complete with karaoke, barbequeue, raffle and a host of other events.  It raised over a thousand magnificent pounds.

Dr Phil Hyde with Sue and Jordon Griffin

Dr Phil Hyde – BASICS Hampshire doctor and consultant at University Hospital Southampton – went down for the  the opening night.

“It was great to meet Jordon, Sue and Richard – and good to talk to them and find out just how much they’re doing for us.

“So often patients never know about BASICS Hampshire input because they only wake up after the trauma in hospital.   In fact, the Griffin family only found out what my colleague had contributed to Jordon’s survival from the police who’d also been on scene.

“And Sue and The Fareham have been brilliant. Huge thanks to them.”